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My husband, 3yr old daughter, 2yr old son, and myself have embarked on a whole foods journey. We've quickly discovered how REAL WHOLE food can make you feel 100 times better. I hope to share some of our favorite healthy recipes and hopefully inspire others to want to eat better so they can feel better!

Eating healthy is possible for anyone! I was never into cooking or baking before, I went through almost 8 years of marriage before even attempting to make bread! It just took desire and some research, and I am still learning! But I want to point out if I can do this, anyone can! Really, anyone! 

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2005. I never thought the food I ate could be making my pain and symptoms worse. I also never realized the power that good wholesome food has! Since we started eating right, my endo symptoms have improved majorly and my daughters asthma symptoms have almost vanished entirely! As parents, we have more energy to keep up with our young kids throughout the whole day, and we are sleeping better at night. While I believe medical doctors play an important role in society, I also believe we need to take a little more control over our health by eating right. By putting the right foods into our bodies so it can heal itself, rather then a doctor giving you a medicine to temporarily cover up the problem.

Basically we eat whole foods because it makes us feel great. It's a little more time consuming but it's always worth it!
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