We Recommend

If you are trying to eat better and take more control over your own health, we recommend:

-Green smoothies are a great way to start in cleansing and detoxing your body. Try making a habit of drinking one every morning for breakfast. You may not feel too great for the first few days as your body detoxes, but then you will start to feel great and have more energy! It's so simple and you can't even taste the greens but you get so many benefits from consuming them raw and blended.

-Watching "Food Inc." and/or "Forks over Knives". These are two great documentaries that you can stream through netflix and probably watch on youtube as well.We also love "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and "Food Matters", also available to stream on netflix.

-Checking out these blogs for more information, recipes, and tips:

-The School Of Natural Healing I just started the family herbalist course and I love it! It's giving me the tools to take care of my family using herbs and nutrition. It's amazing!

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